Caring for your Christmas Tree

We love our Christmas Trees, and chose only the best for you. But we are often asked how to best care for the tree once it is up and extend the life and beauty of the tree. We've compiled some of our own favourite tips below for you to follow which will help you enjoy your real tree for as long as possible over the festivities.

Think of your receiving delivery of your Christmas tree as receiving a beautiful display of flowers to your home, you would place it in a large vase of water and you would most likely top it up as the water runs low to keep your flower arrangement fresh and alive - the same is true for your beautiful Christmas tree. The more you water your tree the longer it will stay fresh and last throughout the season.

Plan to water your tree daily - if you have little people in the house make it part of the festive ritual and give them the important job of watering the tree.

Since Christmas trees are much larger than flower arrangements they use up quite a lot of water particularly in the first few days until they adjust to the new temperature in your home. They can drink up to a gallon their first day and half a gallon daily over the coming weeks.

We strongly advise you use a water stand that fits your tree or large bucket to help lengthen the life span of your tree.

It also helps if you buy freshly cut trees from a reputable source like us - the main reason we get such repeat orders year in year out is that guarantee freshly cut trees.

Heat naturally causes your tree to dry out, so try to decorate it with LED lights instead of normal light bulbs. Turn off lights when you are away - although real trees are no more of a risk than any other electrical appliance we recommend you play it safe and turn them off while your away.

Trees naturally form a ’plug’ at the base of the trunk after they have been cut, when your tree no longer absorbs water from the trunk the freshness is directly associated with the amount of moisture in the needles. Just like humans, trees loose moisture when they are hot and dehydrate quicker therefore its best not to place a tree directly beside a source of heat.

We do offer a collection service for a small fee and will dispose of your tree in the most environmentally friendly way, trees actually naturally return to the soil in the earth over a period of three years providing much needed rich nutrients.

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